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The Magician's Tournament

a collection of painted pictures and woven words

by Sharron Ott

Juggling Mysteries

24" x 12"

Tug of War

40" x 16

The Magician's Tournament

A Diptych

1. "Send in the Magicians!"

30" x 20"

2. "Let the Competition Commence!"

30" x 20"

At a time of multiple plagues and great social unrest, the opposing party leaders of the land decided to determine who was the most powerful. They called in their house magicians to compete against each other, and to demonstrate their strength.

An Abstract Moment

48" x 30"

Snatch a look of the swirling light, 

The surrounding spectacle

Grasp what is ever moving, never still

The wings slowly swing with

Shadows that glow

Flashes of memories.

Attempting to stop the continuous flow 

Pieces of the moment captured

In a still frame, maintain

The image perched now on canvas 

With a story of its own

An integral thread to gain 

Through it life is composed

A particular space in time 




30" x 40"

Inspired by the last scene of the opera Lohengrin

By Richard Wagner,1850

   The white dove of the Grails flies slowly down, and 

hovers over the water; Lohengrin loosens the chain 

from the swan, who immediately sinks. A handsome youth rises up from the river in his place.

In shining silver,

 “Behold! it is Gottfried.”

Soaring in Place

20" x 30"

Step into the quiet, to ancestry and 

Other relations.

Feel the roots of personal thoughts and

Ernest Extrapolations.

Stretch through the clay to establish a 

Personal Identity,

Being monumental, yet tiny, in the scale of

Time’s propensity.


40" x 16"

An Orchestra of Magic

Canvas prints available

11" x 14"

Contact for information

And the people looked inside of themselves and found what was beautiful.

Gliding Through Lunar Time

48" x 30"

Lunar breezes blowing all around the cabin door

And a whisper from a nymph on that ancient shore.

She moves nearer,

Padding softly upon the leaf strewn floor, 

Holding all the knowledge that the Willow tree could store

"Won't you let me in?

I shan't be such a bore,

I came because in your heart you silently asked for more".

The Silk Moth

30" x 20"

The Winner! Metratron Her Magic is the Greatest.

30" x 40"

The Spectators Gather at Sunrise to Watch the Parade.

16" x 40"