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Assemblage Pieces

   The surfaces are layered with antique papers and other materials. Graphite and water based paints are combined using a variety of techniques, in the process of capturing the images.


Moon Dust

An interactive piece which the viewer may open and close 22" x 18"

Color Shifters Red and Blue

Clay, Card Board, and Paint

15" x 12" x 12"' 

Bee Balm Hat

24" x 50"

The Magician's Tournament

A Diptych

1. "Send in the Magicians!"

30" x 20"

2. "Let the Competition Commence!"

30" x 20"

At a time of multiple plagues and great social unrest, the opposing party leaders of the land decided to determine who was the most powerful. They called in their house magicians to compete against each other, and to demonstrate their strength.

Dreams of the Abstract

48" x 30"

The Rulers!

20" x 30"

Women of Power #1 LaGreata

25" x 50"

An Orchestra of Magic

30" x 40"

Canvas prints available

11" x 14"

Contact for information

And the people looked inside of themselves and found what was beautiful.

The Silk Moth

30" x 20"

Lunar Time

48" x 30"

Detail from Bee Balm Hat

Detail from Peace Fairies

Detail from The Tournament of Magic

Detail from The Rulers

The Transformation

32" x 24"

The Spectators Gather at Sunrise to Watch the Parade

12" x 36"