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Paintings on richly layered canvases

"Brief glimpses develop a story of their own

and live on in time.".

 Sharron Ott

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Works on display:  Amy Zane, Kalamazoo Mi,  Create, Niles Mi,       Cassopolis Main Library, Mi  

Look for me at Art Prize 2021 Grand Rapids Mi, Sept 16 - Oct 5, 2021. exhibiting at Artkos Meadery

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ArtKos Meadery, Grand Rapids Michigan

The Magician's Tournament

a collection of mixed media


by Sharron Ott

Featured Artist April 2020, Mad Swirl Magazine, Austin Texas.

Click here to view the article Mad Swirl Gallery 

The Magician's Tournament 1. Send in the Magician's!

Winner of the People's Choice Award, Krasl Art Center Member's Show


The Magician's Tournament 2. Let the Competition Commence!

The Order Came to Shelter in Place

Dreams of One in Quarantine


   While using the theatre as a metaphor for life, I contemplate the way that we attempt to stop, and preserve moments in visual images,

and written words.  Brief glimpses develop a story of their own and live on in time.

This collection showcases my recent works. 

Some of the pieces are inspired by legends of my ancestors, in juxtaposition with recent events. 

The pieces are layered with many different materials and paints, forming richly textured surfaces on a stretched canvas base, symbolizing

the  complexity of human existence.